Missing electricity....

Missing electricity....

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alexander stefanatos

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Missing electricity....

Zibaboue (Old Rodhesia)

"We miss electricity"

Zibaboue is a country in south Africa, the old Brittish colony of Rodhesia, independent since 1980 when the Ian Smith regime collapsed and the country emerged as free and independent state preserving English as official language. It is one of the poorest countries in the world despite the rich amount of minerals(chromium, nikelium,lead etc) under its soil. A handsome income is also coming from Ivory trade and tourists visiting the legendary Victoria Falls that the country shares with Zambia.
A must is visiting the interior of the country and the numerous primitive villages where the natives simply survive on bare necessities...
- "What are you missing most here?", I asked one of the locals visiting a village, I was expecting to hear "medicines".
- "Electricity" he answered....

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  • mike snead 20/02/2016 21:41

    a very natural picture.

  • Carlo.Pollaci 04/12/2015 6:21

    Magnifica coinvolgente fotografia.
    Un caro saluto,
  • LadyNoone 24/11/2015 20:02

    That seems to be one of these places when the time stopped many years ago....
  • Jaap Koer 24/11/2015 17:41

    Super shot and presentation.
  • Christos Banos 24/11/2015 11:08

    Excellent documentary shot!
    gr. Christos
  • sparkling light 24/11/2015 10:29

    Zimbabwe is indeed a sad story.In the past one of the richest parts of Africa, now suffering from corruption and political oppression by the Mugabe clan, leaving the country in agony and poverty. Many fled across the Limpopo River border to South Africa, leading to further problems there with the South African population. Sad to see so many problems in such a wonderful region.
  • Franco Uliviero 23/11/2015 21:30

    molto belle le tue foto - documentario.
    ci mostrano situazioni di vita a noi lontane.
    ciao Alexandros buona serata
  • adriana lissandrini 23/11/2015 21:29

    the picture is very beautiful, full of details and scenes, in your great b / w, Alexander...
    the story you tell is very sad, it is unbearable that the wealth of the land is in the hands of a few exploiters, and not only of the place.....
    cari saluti Adriana
  • Giampiero Mazzoleni 23/11/2015 15:21

    Eccellente ripresa di questo villaggio, bella scena in un bellissimo BW, complimenti !!
    ciao, Giampi
  • Mirjam Burer 23/11/2015 13:16

    the scene moves me Alexander...
    Lacking so much...like indeed electricity...medicines..and still being able to enjoy the days ..a good example for richer people..
    Beautiful range of tones and compliment..
    me agapi
  • SINA 23/11/2015 11:41

    ich mag es sehr dieses berührende Foto mit den Kindern in ihrer Umgebung in ihrem Umfeld Alex
    ganz senibel und gut fotografiert von Dir
    herzliche Grüße für einen schönen Tag
  • Harold Thompson 23/11/2015 8:58

    But do the heads of state have electricity ?
    Good environmental shot
    :-)) Harold
  • Sue Thompson 23/11/2015 8:45

    A fine shot of this small village.
    It gives reason for thought that they should miss electricity, but then do we all not miss it when there is an 'outage' as they call it these days, but aside fromthat my guess is that they have no running water... clean water, no sewerage system..... none of the amenities that we have in our modern lives. As for all of the 'treasures' that lie beneath their feet.... there will always be someone to come in and grab it all.

  • Adele Oliver 23/11/2015 2:45

    a life so foreign to us, an image that might look romantic to some - but the reality is different when the bare necessities are missing not only in our but also in their eyes .... what an eye opener it must be to travel here, Alex - and how sad too when one cannot help.
    greetings, Adele
  • patrick hyrailles 22/11/2015 21:00

    belle photo bravo
    amitié patrick


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