Meet your obsession

Meet your obsession

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Meet your obsession


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  • badnoire images 27/02/2010 17:40

    great caption, for me the cigarette works in fact at bit disturbing. Would have loved to see one without it..........
  • marcu ioachim 31/01/2010 10:50

    I love my obsession.
  • Florian Clarén 31/01/2010 10:47

    yeah, great work..!!
  • Berthold Klammer 31/01/2010 9:31

    Great image! After a longer view I see your addons... structure, lines...The expression in the face and general composition is excellent! I would, it's only a tiny thing, darken the piece of clothes beneath her nose a little bit, this takes my veiw away from the face. regards Berthold