Matrinomy Place

Matrinomy Place

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Richard Allen

Free Account, Waltham Abbey

Matrinomy Place

This alley (path) is named Matrimony Place. It at Battersea in South London.

I can only assume it got its name as there's a church at the other end.

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  • Richard Allen 28/08/2008 23:00

    Thank you for all your kind comments.

    It's really nice when someone appreciates your work.
  • raul lovera 28/08/2008 22:35

    beautiful capture. thanks
  • TFR 28/08/2008 21:09

    Nice contrasting walls, and a fitting clear sky, the lamppost in the middle makes the composition for me, the plane makes the whole a bit to rowded for me personal.
    But I still like it

    Regards, Robert