Maria - Cigarette

Maria - Cigarette

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Angel Pena

Free Account, San Juan

Maria - Cigarette

Illustration of the way a cigarette spoils a beautiful woman's look.

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  • Gianni Izzo 16/04/2009 18:22

    Molto bella ed intensa.

  • Mic K 25/04/2005 14:28

    however: love it
    cut, high contrast of b&w with subtle contrast of grey tones, pose
  • Blamonge 22/04/2005 0:33

    hey mitch, the cig gives her .. well she's got the lot and angel knows how to use it his way so the cig is just there to make sure you don't miss it LOL
  • Irina No 21/04/2005 14:00

    very good! i like this cut)
  • Rob Mitchell 21/04/2005 9:55

    damn right.
    Pic is lousy, terrible. no idea what you are posting that stuff here for !

    Take out the cig and I'll re-think my evaluation.

    Regards, Rob ;)



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