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Mgbaoo Mandalay

Free Account, Mandalay


Jan 1, 2005

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  • hb-photography 26/07/2008 17:38

    that's so beautiful
  • Helmut Taut 07/04/2005 21:20

    Dear Mgbaoo !
    Nice place, to bad there is no restaurant any more at the corner. I think now it is the green elephant. This one I think is closed also by now.
    Best regards from Vienna
  • Mgbaoo Mandalay 31/01/2005 10:05

    Thank you for all ...........

    Sorry for quality ..............
    I am scanning with my poor scanner .........
    So, the quality is not so good ...........
  • Michael Gillich 28/01/2005 21:15

    Nice to see you again!
    lg MIKE
  • Filip Wieme 28/01/2005 15:34

    Whatever the image quality, it makes one dream. Happy new year!
  • Andy Spoerndle 28/01/2005 9:57

    A very nice arrangement and a beautiful landscape.
    Unfortunately the quality of the image is not good (Noise and sharpness).
    Im sure the original photograph is very impressive.