.lost childhood.

.lost childhood.

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.coma white.

Free Account, emotional dreams.

.lost childhood.


so long
all gone

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  • Andrej Nagode 30/09/2007 7:24

    Great AllStar shoes. I like them and I like your picture!
    Best wishes,
  • Simona Carli 29/09/2007 20:06

    I like your style to work the photos....really compliments...
  • Comy 29/09/2007 7:41

    A class work...
  • Dominique Duriot 28/09/2007 20:05

    excellent !!
    so great!
  • Robyn Raggio 27/09/2007 23:14

    The meat of this matter is in the ether beneath that tennis shoe. The vapor into which the stride is reaching almost makes the viewer want to reach into this image and grab this person from what one perceives as a certain fall. Great perspective, composition, textures, muted blending of like colors and a punch of red in that decisive shoe.
    Great image...great concept. I would love to see it taken even further into different realms of socio-economic-thoeological-political broken dogma.

  • Tuba S 27/09/2007 18:14

    klasse die bea!...macht total süchtig ;-)

    lg tuba
  • Frederick E Gaghauna 27/09/2007 16:44

    I love this picture, I hit my favorite button!!! a pop art photo! thanks for sharing the pictures
  • Kantine 27/09/2007 15:17

    mag die BEA