Look what I've just found!

Look what I've just found!

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  • ulizeidler 24/07/2011 14:45

    in his dreams wood becomes to:

    I have a dream....
    I have a dream....
  • s. sabine krause 23/07/2011 14:19

    : )))) what a beauty!! love the direct eye-contact, his vampire smile ; )), and how he seems the only "monochrome matter" in a world so shamelessly green that it's almost a little frightening ; )))… greetings, sabine. p.s.: when i go running, i sometimes meet a similar dog on my way: his master always makes him sit down and let me pass, and he (the dog, not the master!) always looks at me with a very sober look, a stick horizontally secured in his jaws – it always makes me chuckle and lose my athlete's composure! ; ))
  • Kees Koomans 23/07/2011 11:00

    Wunderschönes Tierlportrait.

    LG Kees.
  • viola d 23/07/2011 10:51

    :)) What a proud and content face!:)
    He/she is beautiful, Ira! Bw, Viola