Logged sunflower

Logged sunflower

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  • fabienne.z 20/09/2011 23:08

  • Othmar W. Mayer 18/09/2011 12:58

    A very nice photo. Sunflowers always offer a good motive.
    Origin of the name
    The botanical name for sunflower, Helianthus annuus, is derived from the Greek helios (sun) and anthos (Flower) from. The name comes from Greek mythology and is narrated in a poem by Ovid, once the girl fell in love Clytia the god of light Apollo. This disdain Clytia and after that she sat down naked on a rock, eat and drink nothing and lamented their misfortune. The lovers looked to nine days of Apollo, as his car moved across the sky. Then her heart was in pain to yellow and brown colors: It transformed itself into a "Sunflower", which flourished always turned toward the sun (Apollo's sun chariot).
    Since the day designated as a sunflower plant comes from America, the crop must have been something different from Greek mythology, presumably a representative of the genus solstices (Heliotropium). Annuus, the epithet is derived from the word for "year" and refers to the year's growing season
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  • Mark Billiau. 18/09/2011 11:04

    Beautiful capture and presentation.
    Strong vivid yellow !
    Good one !