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Costantinos Milonas

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  • Karin D. Ludwig 20/08/2006 11:25

    exceptionally, so: PRO
  • Ivano Cheli (1) 20/08/2006 11:25

  • Valfoto 20/08/2006 11:25

  • Abdul Khaliq 20/08/2006 11:25

  • Costantinos Milonas 20/08/2006 11:25

    To Patrick: I understood precisely what you mean with the light. Problems with the photographs in the internal spaces, when you do not have the suitable equipment, are obvious and with difficulty they are exceeded.
    My bigger problem begins from the D70 itself that it does not make for this type of shooting and secondly with the light that is not what it should and that really needs for this type of photographs.
    Thank you all for comments and your votes.
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 20/08/2006 11:25

    i think this is a great shot as i mentioned before.
    love the colours and sharpness, but.......nothing exciting to me or special
    sorry contra
  • Christian Knospe 20/08/2006 11:25

  • Patrick B. Parenteau 20/08/2006 11:25

    Costantinos should get a pro just for his profile picture. This shot is crispy, but the light is too flat. He has fabulous composition techniques, and when he masters creative lighting, we will see lots of his work in the gallery. Contra for now...
  • Cees Kuijs 20/08/2006 11:25

    Sharp yes, but too hard light, I think. Contra
  • Klaus der Sandmann 20/08/2006 11:25

  • Frank Cecconi 20/08/2006 11:25

    Not for gallery, sorry...
  • Peter Mertz 20/08/2006 11:25

  • Peter. Gau 20/08/2006 11:25

  • Theo Weijmer 20/08/2006 11:25

    Yes great sharpness and good colours but don't see anything special, sorry contra
  • Olivier Vanbiervliet 20/08/2006 11:25

    Technically ok, but not gallery for me.