lightning beneath sunset

lightning beneath sunset

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  • HarrisLiaos L 16/12/2005 11:31

    euxaristw carmen ...
    genika i istanbul exei oraia simeia gia na
    fotografiseis kai na dimiourgiseis otan exeis
    Regards from Istanbul !
  • Kenny Jazz 13/12/2005 9:47

    Wonderful city and very good time of the day. But I think this Mystical Lighting looks like not very natural. From other point of view if you dont use this effect view on Maiden Tower (on the middle of composition) is very traditional and only clouds making neccery attention.
  • HarrisLiaos L 13/12/2005 6:04

    thx.. I did with a pretty hand but mostly using
    a pretty plugin in photoshop , named
    mystical lightning !
    Ciao from Istanbul & Athens
  • Orlando Kappa Bellentinos 12/12/2005 14:51

    nice pic! how did you do that? with a pretty quite hand?
    b.w. Orlando =')