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As a railroad enthusiast, even as one with a special fondness for the trains and territory of the Rhaetian Railway in Switzerland’s Canton Graubünden, I doubt my stock of adjectives for describing locomotives would ever have included words like succulent or mouth-watering…

Until last October in Chur, that is ;-)

There, in the Hauptbahnhof of Graubünden’s capital, I saw for the first time this Ge 4/4 Series III
locomotive wearing a Werbelok (advertising locomotive) livery for Co-Op markets.


She’ll look even more “appetizing” when she backs up and couples on to her consist of bright red Rhätische Bahn carriages for her trip to St. Moritz.

Photo+Design ©2010/2011 Steve Ember

For more photos of the Rhätische Bahn and its territory, please navigate my “Rhätische Bahn,” “Swiss Alps,” and “Kodachrome!” folders.

Another "Werbelok"

When E-Loks Imitate Nature
When E-Loks Imitate Nature
Steve Ember

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