Leben retten / Saving lives

Leben retten / Saving lives

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Greg GE

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Leben retten / Saving lives

(this and the following are probably not so much about photography as an art, but rather documentation through a camera lens)

Schild zu einem Projekt der Welthungerhilfe in Malawi, 2018. Die folgenden Bilder sind Momentaufnahmen von Projekten der Welthungerhilfe in Malawi.

A sign indicating an irrigation project by a German NGO. My coming uploads are impressions of this project.

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  • gemblue 28/06/2018 6:07

    Very interesting, I am glad you have uploaded this kind of photography. It informs and creates awareness of these very necessary projects!
    • Greg GE 29/06/2018 0:15

      Thank you gemblue. Yes, these projects help the most vulnerable and possibly the most needy people outside of a war zone.
  • Matthias Moritz 23/06/2018 6:41

    Well documented. I´ve seen such scenes personally.
  • observer123 22/06/2018 23:44

    No mise en scene, pure coincidence you captured a beautiful true representation of such a small settlement daily life. Great presentation and compliments for the whole series giving us the chance lo learn about local life and their deficits as well as about organizations trying to minimize the population worries. Thank you for it.


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Camera LEICA M10
Lens Summilux-M 1:1.4/50
Aperture ---
Exposure time 1/750
Focus length 50.0 mm
ISO 200

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