Leaf with Kirlian Aura

Leaf with Kirlian Aura

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Leaf with Kirlian Aura

Sheet film and leaf on the high voltage platen. Causes an aural emission. No lenses needed !

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  • digwashegde 10/12/2009 4:06

    grt job...no words..
  • Dirk Sachse 03/10/2009 15:10

    Sehr schoen!

  • Ayse Nalan Yasin 02/09/2009 23:54

    That is realy good idea
  • doktada didelas 31/08/2009 14:21

    Kirlian photography is where you make a high voltage surface (low current like a tesla). I had a 10cm x 15cm brass plate. Then I put a 6mm glass over that. Then I placed a piece of sheet film (10cmx15cm) ASA 100 BW, on that. Then the leaf on that. All this in total darkness. Then I turn on the power for 5 or 10 seconds and the leaf glows like this. Developed in standard BW chemicals.

    It was a lot of work and you must be careful with high voltage.
  • Mattia Sacco 31/08/2009 14:03

    How you did that? Nice! What is high voltage platen?