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Free Account, Nijmegen (the Netherlands)

last year

(Olympus C-5050ZOOM)

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  • FERRY TENTUA 01/01/2005 23:55

    *** Hi Ray,
    Thanks for your comment, I wish you all the best in 2005...and hope that all your dreams come true...
  • Edinei Victorino 14/12/2004 1:25

    very, very good !!!
  • Lee Boueri 24/11/2004 15:58

    Hi Ferry

    Interesting that a "snapshot" created so much comment. Most so called professional photographers would shudder (no pun intended) at the thought. I tend to think some of the best work comes from "snapshots". You just have to "sieze the moment". Great picture and well thought out editing.
  • FERRY TENTUA 21/11/2004 18:27

    *** Thanks Frédéric for your comment..
    Picture was taking from the bus, so I must lean to the left!..This was a snapshot, no time to think about:-))
  • E.Cansu Kindan 16/11/2004 23:33

    Green and Red beautiful
  • BEATE BACKHAUS 11/11/2004 21:46

    Would phone you - .....haven´t got your number!!!
    Hello from Paderborn and good night!!
  • FERRY TENTUA 11/11/2004 19:08

    *** Und Susanne..hab ich schon wieder vergessen meinen * telefonnummer * auf zu schreiben:((
    But you may send an SMS if you want...No problem at all;-))
  • FERRY TENTUA 11/11/2004 18:59

    *** To all...Started as a * joke * to became a member of the fc-community, now its more a passion...Thank you so much for all your kindness notify...never thought to received so much comment at one day! :))
    With love...
  • Maro M. 11/11/2004 18:29

    leeeeeuk die foto *naar london wil*
  • Snjezana Josipovic 11/11/2004 16:17

    Great pic...great idea
  • Susanne Cermak-Kurka 11/11/2004 1:46

    Call me - ? und wo ist die Telefonnummer? :-)))
    Sehr gut festgehalten. So etwas möchte ich auch einmal fotografieren. ligrü Susanne
  • Visiones de vida. 11/11/2004 0:17

    love the desaturation and the composition...
  • ewaldmario 11/11/2004 0:09

    marvellous red twins
    in the grey suburbs ...
  • FERRY TENTUA 10/11/2004 23:01

    *** Thanks Elmar for your comment, as you can see this telephonehouse is famous, even in The Netherlands:-))
  • tolbiacum 10/11/2004 22:55

    sehr schöne arbeit
    diese häuschen sind immer eine aufnahme wert

    lg elmar