Landwasser Viadukt in Autumn with Rhaetian Railway Train

Landwasser Viadukt in Autumn with Rhaetian Railway Train

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Landwasser Viadukt in Autumn with Rhaetian Railway Train

On a gray, rainy day in the eastern U.S., some golden autumn memories of a favorite place along my favorite railroad.

A Rhätische Bahn St. Moritz-bound Regio-Express crosses the magnificent stone arch Landwasser
Viadukt in Switzerland's Canton Graubünden in the golden late day light of an October afternoon.

The curved structure, dating from 1902, carrying the Rhätische Bahn's Albula Line over the canyon of the
Landwasser River, is one of the most remarkable aesthetic and architectural features of this narrow gauge line.
The train is about to enter a tunnel high up in the rock-face and will emerge in a few minutes at the station in Filisur.

The photo, taken in October 2010, makes its first appearance today.

©2020 Steve Ember
From that same afternoon...

Along the Albula Line
Along the Albula Line
Steve Ember

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  • Thomas Reitzel 31/10/2020 20:05

    Oh Steve this is wonderful, and I really regret to haven´t travelled there this year!
    While this year, October was mostly overcast and rainy, everyone would´ve longed for a bit of golden sunshine, but alas. only the very last October day was bright and sunny - last not least!
    And I took my chance! And - have a look at this:

    And he has a lot more of these!
    Best to you and - for sure - the elections, so very important!
    • Steve Ember 04/11/2020 23:56

      Thank you, Tom. Always appreciate when the Master likes one of my train-scapes! I was so fortunate on that long-ago autumn week, with near-consistent perfect autumn conditions, both in Switzerland and Hamburg.
      Sorry your autumn has been disappointing in terms of weather this year, but you certainly made the best of that one decent day.
      Thanks for sharing your colleague's work - most inspiring, like your own.
      Yes, the elections are of great concern around here...hoping for the best.
      Take care, and stay well and safe!
  • Adele Oliver 30/10/2020 20:18

    an impressively high viaduct and taken from a
    perfect pov in sharp details ... the crossing red
    train a special eye catcher !!
    wishing you a healthy and happy weekend,
  • claudine capello 30/10/2020 14:17

    un point de vue fantastique sur cet incroyable parcours !! bravo superbe image prise au bon moment cl
  • David H Thomas 30/10/2020 10:25

    I like how the tight geometry of the train and bridge contrasts with the ruggedness of the natural landscape.  The colourful contrasts of light and colour are also strong.