Land exploitation

Land exploitation

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alexander stefanatos

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Land exploitation

Greece Aegean Sea Cyclades
The Cyclades islands are scattered- according to Mythology- in the Aegean Sea by Zeus in order to lessen the hostile bareness of the open sea...In the majority of them not a single tree can be found on their surface.They are inviting and picturesque in their minimalistic beauty which may attract photographers, poets, writters,painters, herimites but also ferociously testing in everyday hardship the locals who try to exploit all possible means in order to cultivate, at least, the bare necessities for the daily menu..
This photo was taken mainly to show how they try to profit from every inch of fertile land on the rock, wherever this is possible,forming this "graffity" like farms on the rocks. Looking at them from some height they can take peculiar shapes.
(The photo was taken in the island of Andros and can be seen in close connection with "Kastro 2" in my gallery. Thank you for taking the trouble)

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  • Lauro Benvinda 20/06/2014 1:28

    Brilliant b&w treatment, superb tones, fascinating mountain and lighthouse.
  • adriana lissandrini 18/06/2014 1:11

    Fantastica visione infinita di grande bellezza, in un eccellente b/n!
    una serena estate a te Alexander e buona luce e tante foto!
    un abbraccio, Adriana
  • LadyNoone 17/06/2014 17:50

    Lines, plans, textures. And the lighthouse as a cherry on a cake :)
  • Lawson McCulloch 17/06/2014 14:18

    What a beautiful shot. I love the great big sky against the tiny looking lighthouse. Excellent work.
    best wishes,
  • Harold Thompson 17/06/2014 8:43

    Good strong contrast to the scene does make you wonder about what grows there
    :-)) Harold
  • catherine Berthe 17/06/2014 8:33

    très beau regard insolite sur cette île!! amitiés catherine
  • Sue Thompson 17/06/2014 8:20

    To the tourists it may look like an idylic place, but to those who have to literally scartch a living from such a barren rocky land it must be very hard.
    A superb scene with much detail and good tones that show up how this island is for those who live and work there.

  • Christine L 17/06/2014 7:25

    great Picture...
  • SINA 17/06/2014 5:22

    Karstgebiete ohne Schnörkel
    Weite Stille
    das Leben scheint still zu stehen
    Und doch intensiv und stark an Ausdruck
    BEST wishes Sina