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LamiaLeFay (Anna) P.

Free Account, Heidelberg (Kassel / Göttingen)

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  • Heile Mania 28/10/2005 13:46

    cool gaze ! :)
  • Gertrud Gozner 28/10/2005 12:58

    simply great!
  • Karl Makkina 28/10/2005 12:51

    Same comment as Jeremy for the eye ans the light.
    congrat' for your picture, you did well
    friendly, Karl
  • Jeremy B 27/10/2005 23:40

    +++ Brilliant image. I love the high key lighting, and the model's posing and attire is perfect for the shot. I would only rather see all or none of her right eye... as it is, I can see the white of her eye. That's minor though, and it is still one of my personal favorite images I've seen in a while. Well done!