Lake Erie Winter

Lake Erie Winter

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Nora McDonnell

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Lake Erie Winter

Taken on February 2, 2011 just as a winter snowstorm was moving in. I was out running around trying to grab landscape shots before the storm arrived and went up to the lake which is about 8 miles north of where I live. This shot was taken right behind the snack bar at Huntington Beach in Bay Village, Ohio. I had planned on moving beyond this point but the wind was so strong that it was going to make any shots very difficult. The building protected me somewhat and this tree moved step out any further and I may have been blown away!! I did not use this photo for my Landscape project in Intro. to Digital Photography but I liked it none the same. Manual settings w/a Canon PowerShot SD800 IS.

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Camera Canon PowerShot SD800 IS
Lens Unknown 4-17mm
Aperture 7.1
Exposure time 1/500
Focus length 4.6 mm
ISO 200