Kneel To The Queen!! (Revisited)

Kneel To The Queen!! (Revisited)

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Dennis Veldman

Free Account, Rotterdam

Kneel To The Queen!! (Revisited)

Queen: Evelyne
Make-up and HairStyling : Carmelita Elskamp
Flower Arrangements made by Dennis
Painter : Dennis

Thanks Rob, Eve, Carmelita and Ludwig !!!!

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  • Dennis Veldman 15/08/2007 21:36

    Thanks Mike!
    i appreciate your feedback a lot

    Till soon
  • Michael Henderson 15/08/2007 16:20

    It's a DAMN Shame.
    Sorry Dennis, I don't know understand this one at all.
    It's a star in my book.

  • Dennis Veldman 14/08/2007 23:38

    it's a shame.
  • Maria João Arcanjo 14/08/2007 23:20 Voting comment

  • Dennis Veldman 14/08/2007 23:20 Voting comment

    Great thanks all who voted.
    3 more votes and we will know..

    will it, wont it..?

  • Luc Grollie 14/08/2007 23:20 Voting comment

    took me a while to scroll down here.....big pro !!!!
  • Alexander Heinrichs 14/08/2007 23:20 Voting comment

    great !
  • Mircea Tiron-Tudor 14/08/2007 23:20 Voting comment

    Pro ! Congratulations !
  • Dennis Veldman 14/08/2007 23:20 Voting comment


    I could have had a more blurred background.
    IF i had other lenses other than the standard lens, that only goes from F4.0 and in most cases from F5.6
    Seen the distance i had to be from the model, and the background right behind her, i couldnt blur it more..

    I am happy that the flowers are slightly (for some to less) blurred, and not equal in sharpness of eve.

    i couldnt get it more blurred, and thats the reason.
    Times will come that i can expand my lens collection, im sure.

    for now i do what i can with what i have, unlike many who stop doing anything untill they have what they think they need.

    no matter what, i will remain going my own course.
  • KasiaDesign 14/08/2007 23:20 Voting comment

    I liked the original and like this too. The heavy composition with the flowers, cushion and rich dress are all in keeping. There is definitely a regal feel to it and her haughty look.
    But maybe a bigger upload to fill my monitor;-)
  • Robert Riley 14/08/2007 23:20 Voting comment

    At last! Comments! It has always been a great shot setup, light Post work, everything about says what it is. Would garce any magazine, and with Dennis permission it will go on my wall. Big Pro!
  • Alfred Spectrum 14/08/2007 23:20 Voting comment

    If it's not your "cup of tea" you can skip it. If you don't like the picture, and know what you are talking about, that's fine, but I am sure the person who made the picture would want to know why that is, but as it is his/her creation, and a lot of work (and emotion) has gone into creating the picture, it could be hard to take blunt negative comments, and a discussion can easily escalate into mudslinging. Let's be objective, to the point, fair, tolerant and considerate.
  • Dominique Duriot 14/08/2007 23:20 Voting comment

    I'm very sad to see some bad comments here!
    It's a very nice picture and it doesn't need negativ comments as well around ...

    Too many people just vote and go without comments here. We have to be tolerant with others who take the time to comment on pictures and it is the most important, that is the proof the picture is interesting !

    Anyway,I agree with Caylal for the flower background, I would see it more blurry too and would add to the face imo. It is just my opinion ;)

    But still a PRO*** for me
    Great Job Dennis !
  • aw masry 14/08/2007 23:20 Voting comment

  • Dave Donaldson 14/08/2007 23:20 Voting comment



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