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Kinga Duchnowska

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  • Kinga Duchnowska 10/06/2006 17:07

    I don't understand why this picture was disqualified only therefore, that this collage! Unfair this....
    it's in the good category - digital art - Collage -"Paste-ups made by sticking together photographs to form an artistic image"....
    what's wrong in photoshop ??? In German version FC.de is place onto such works, here not :(

    Thank you all for your nice opinions about... i'm very happy.
    Thank your Celal, maybe next time :)))
    Best wishes
  • °°° celle °°° 10/06/2006 9:56

    i am sorry kinga....
    i thought an image like that, can be open some minds.....

    like it realy...

  • Abdul Khaliq 10/06/2006 7:40 Voting comment

    I love it too, if it was not in Collage channel i might have given it contra, But now it s PRO.
  • Dennis Veldman 10/06/2006 7:40 Voting comment

    What will happen to Peace?? Will it keep it's PRO-STAR or will that also be removed?
    Sorry i ask this here but i was shocked reading that it soon will be removed..
    What about all the other images that were in the gallery??

    For this one with the flowers.
    Im with Patrick Robert Celal and Wen.
    I love it
  • When 10/06/2006 7:40 Voting comment

    Put everything Patrick, Robert and Celal had to say in one basket. This is an excellent compostion that combines graphic sensitivities with well thought out lyrical prose. Fantastic work that goes far beyond the photograph.
  • Ron Couwenberg 10/06/2006 7:40 Voting comment

  • Andreas-Hoffmann 10/06/2006 7:40 Voting comment

  • Peter Kis kalóz 10/06/2006 7:40 Voting comment

  • Arno Königs - Fotografie-Fotodesign 10/06/2006 7:40 Voting comment

  • Zsolt Kiss 10/06/2006 7:40 Voting comment

    PRO! :o)
  • Massimo Carolla 10/06/2006 7:40 Voting comment

  • Robert Riley 10/06/2006 7:40 Voting comment

    I have looked at every gallery picture in the Gallery; there are only 350, watch out Dennis 'Peace' is about to removed from the Gallery.

    I would say that every one has been put through the Digital Darkroom. Some far too much, some that needed a touch more, some just right.

    There are few that are anything like Kinga's work. To me, it does not matter at all how much PS work is done. This is a PS creation that has at its heart four excellent Photographs, and some beautiful writing and words. Its about time that more of this type of work was in the Gallery, there are a few, but not many.

    Excellent photography combined with great darkroom Technique and imagination. It is far more than a postcard. Big PRO.
  • °°° celle °°° 10/06/2006 7:40 Voting comment

    @patrick... a big respect to u....u said all in ur comment.... what i saw....

  • Patrick B. Parenteau 10/06/2006 7:40 Voting comment

    As a person with a background in print media I see this composition as a true work of art. The alternate views on theme, type treatment and layout are powerful enough, but did you read the words? Absolutely beautiful. A sensitive soul has touched our lives. This is art with a message. Pro.
  • Klaus der Sandmann 10/06/2006 7:40 Voting comment