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Tom McAlexander

Free Account, Volcano, HI

Kilauea 5

At 3:00 am (Hawaii Time) on Wednesday, there was a minor explosion at the site depicted in foto #4, caused by a build-up of gases in the magma chamber underneath the caldera. Rocks, some 1 meter across, were tossed out of Halemaumau crater onto the caldera floor, including a parking lot that sits beside the crater. The road to the observatory has now been closed and I was unable to get any shots of the spot of the explosion, and these shots were taken from the same place as foto #1, i. e., Volcano House. On the right side of this foto you can see the slopes of Mauna Loa, the world’s largest mountain. In the foreground is Byron’s Ledge, which is a forested ledge inside the caldera.

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  • BRYAN CRUTE 21/03/2008 13:42

    I actually looked to why this is indeed the worlds largest mountain. We learn something everyday Tom :-)))

  • MAURICE CLEGG 21/03/2008 8:02

    incredible and highly dangerous.
    the wonder of nature, we can only marvel.
    great narrative and excellent shot of this phenomenon.
    regards, maurice.