Just The Two of Us

Just The Two of Us

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Glenn Capers

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Just The Two of Us

Just the two of us is a photo-story on a single women parenting her first child.. There are nine images in total. This project took me two weeks to fit in and become invisible. I averaged only 24 images a day. What I discovered was her courage and self resolve to succeed without the help of any one. Just the two of shows the isolated love between the bond of two females, a mother and her baby girl.

Thank you for viewing the first image and please come back to see the second.
I have only one request. That the rubber neck clickers do more than just click. please comment, this is your only chance in life to turn a page in your own life.

Just imagine how impossible this would be if Romney became President in America. SHe would be more than on her own. She would be emotionally distressed by the christian jihadist of the right wingAmerica.


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  • Inez Correia Marques 13/03/2013 16:37

    Oh dear Glenn
    !! yes hard to imagine . just the two of us is absolutly an amazing serie

  • Chaya Ivy 21/10/2012 20:28

    Glenn I must say your work is amazing,im a single parent of 2 beautiful girls,iv viewed the 'Just The Two Of Us' & its made me a lil bit emotional.Beautiful x
  • Cobrak 21/10/2012 4:33

  • Dieter Geßler 15/10/2012 11:50

    The images are also with your description it is very emotional and very touching. Single mothers have it I think all over the world very difficult.
    Good luck for the future of the children and their mothers.

  • Silke Kardel 13/10/2012 23:17

    I love your story about these twoo. Your pictures are very emotionaly. God luck to them for their future.
  • Adele Oliver 13/10/2012 22:03

    the start of a story which is already touching our hearts - a mother's life never easy, but twice as hard when having to fend for herself and her child on her own..... your image shows the mom's caring face and the child's carefree mood well, Glenn !!
    greetings, Adele
  • BRYAN CRUTE 13/10/2012 18:34

    A picture that begs more questions !
    We also have lots of single mothers here too some very much by choice. Selecting a mate to have a child then dumping him to claim benefits and free housing.
    This lady may not have anything at all in common with my description and in that case good luck to her it cant be easy struggling to bring up a child alone

  • Vera M. Shulga 13/10/2012 17:53

    In Ukraine single mothers are very difficult life if she have not money for her child and self . There are not any help(benefit) from power and goverment here..