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Covent Garden
A famous city's flower, fruit and vegetable market for over 300 years; it is still a huge attraction today
being one of London's hottest shopping destinations.

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  • lucy franco 10/06/2024 0:18

    E' tutto così estremamente nobile, anche un mercato di frutta e verdura.
  • Ansgar Leuthner 08/06/2024 9:41 first look I thought of Venice...but then I saw the steel-construction besides the "classical" facade...London. (without the usual rain? :))) The picture is very good in balance - maybe a little too it misses "life", is a little too "hard-edged". ..but it shows very well this old architecture...better than the modern, I think...Ciao, my sister, have a good weekend and enjoy everything! Love, Ansgar
    • ann mari cris aschieri 09/06/2024 1:34

      I'm afraid you has reason about this shot, dear Ansgar.... Anyway in July I will be in Venice again for the biennale and I will get back some new pictures from there.
      In the meantime greetings from Lanzarote, CIAo P&L!