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  • Vanessa Torres 18/08/2005 0:59

    Wow this gipsy beauty is so intersting.. good shot.. and I think you was using a filter in this one?.. good colors!
  • John Bennett 15/05/2005 23:35

    Love the way you experiment with your work Alison. Well done and keep the good work coming. would love to see another black&white mood shot again.
  • Jorge Gonzalez 08/04/2005 6:54

    really like the colors and idea on this one......looks like you found a clean spot on a very dirty glass to shoot through
  • Hudson Valley 04/02/2005 6:10

    I love the way the background and the portrait blend,and that hair color, awesome!
  • JVision 30/01/2005 6:52

    Very beautiful work !!