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Igor Flasz

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Coral snake

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  • Robert L. Roux 05/09/2006 2:53

    they do bite, that's a fact -
    the snake must be truly frightened
    to see the size of the young girl's teeth.
    i've been bitten by teeth like that,
    it's a terrifying experience ... !
    greetings to all and
    best wishes to the (brave ;-)) snake
  • Karl Makkina 04/09/2006 21:30

    i love this so good shot !!
    her expression is great !!
    Bravo !!
  • Sachin Pangaonkar 09/08/2006 19:55

    Igor .. nice capture .. i was for a moment trying to scan my memory if this snake was a Coral snake .. but as Mark has put it .. i feel it replicates the deadly Coral snake to stay alive.
    Excellent capture of emotions .. for me i feel a shot with the snakes faces in the camera with the girls expression would have been a deadlier combination.

  • Cees Kuijs 09/08/2006 10:10

    Very dangerous picture. Venemous or not, not my piece of cake :-))) Brave little girl !!
    Greetings, Cees
  • Visiones de vida. 09/08/2006 2:46


    me encantan las serpeintes!

    love the perspective!

    gracias por tu commentario!

  • Jo Kurz 09/08/2006 0:12

    what a great photo!
    the girl's face is incredible (though half of it is invisible),
    it is like a reflection of the strange feeling caused by touching the snake....
    regards jo
  • Massimo Carolla 08/08/2006 17:11

    great shot ;-))
  • MWPhoto 08/08/2006 0:08

    Not a coral snake; at least not one of the species that live in North America. The coral snake is highly venemous. It has red, yellow and black bands, but the red and yellow bands are touching.

    This is (hopefully) a false coral snake - perhaps a scarlet snake or corn snake. The black and red bands are touching. It is non-venemous.

    I say hopefully, because I am not familiar with the snakes in Venezuela! (The info above is true for Florida.)

    Either way, I'm sure the little girl found the encounter stimulating!