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Antonio Macías

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Stallion of Pure Spanish Breed

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  • Emelie Lundin 05/08/2006 14:23

    Hello. I come from Sweden and I just wonder if I could use your nice photos on the site: Stallet.se.

    Thanks a lot! :)
  • Sonja Rasche 01/08/2006 9:36

    Jaime tiene razon, el contraste es demasiado alto. Ademas tiene el caballo demasiado luz en el dorso.Esto pasa mucha veces con tordos. Hace falta cerrar mas la apetura de la camera.
  • Yasser Metwally 01/08/2006 7:41

    Beautiful horse ,,, good timing for your shot
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 01/08/2006 7:21

    there is so much contrast in this photo that the horses back has blended into the sky.
    too much, but a beautiful creature though
    well done
    Jaime :)