Is It Truly Serenity

Is It Truly Serenity

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Kt Lewis

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Is It Truly Serenity

infrared film, Canon AE-1, pregnant sister. Some see sorrow, others peace, and yet others contemplation o algo mas. take is as you will.

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  • Jordan Shepler 01/04/2005 23:04

    Wow, I love babies! They taste just like chicken!
  • Neil Auty 01/04/2005 22:49

    Thats what I see.

    Nice pic.
  • Abdul Khaliq 29/03/2005 13:48

    Hi Lewis, you entered FC with a mind blowing composition. It real sensetive. for me its Sorrow , as per her expression.
    cheers - abdul
  • xxx xxx 29/03/2005 13:20

    Nice image and good named.
    Well done and welcome to the FC.
  • Jorge Gonzalez 29/03/2005 12:31

    Great picture.....really makes you wonder.For me I get the feeling that she cant wait to have the baby to fill all that empty space around her