Is industry beautiful?

Is industry beautiful?

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Is industry beautiful?

Begining with a 6x6 transparency...

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Octávio Diaz-Bérrio

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  • Dave Kingsley 14/01/2005 12:40

    When I was a kid I read a magazine article about a Dino Ferrari which said something like "Its so ugly its beautiful" Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  • Rosana Ziemba 23/09/2004 9:34

    No it isn't. And this photo (can I call it ?) is horrible. I saw some of your great photos and I take this like the opinion you have about the beauty of industry. :)
  • Christian Buettner 01/09/2004 1:58

    Doch! sehr sogar...

    Grüsse Christian
  • Thomas Epting 18/08/2004 23:10

    Great artwork and colors! I think, the image should be presented in bigger size to get a better viewing effect. Regards, Thomas
  • Octávio Diaz-Bérrio 16/08/2004 18:24

    Thank you all.

    , wrote August, 16 at 07:50h
    great colors!
  • Nebdaar Lexy 15/08/2004 22:44

    industrial buildings and machinery are surely beautiful in a special way. this image though, kind of doesn't kick in somehow. the stong level reduction (what, 16 colors left?) gives it a comical effect. that and the left tilted view may have been perfect regarding its use, but i as i don't know the purpose of this your creation, it won't sink in.
    regards, neb