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Irina V

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  • Andreas Florian 02/04/2013 18:28

    Nice Model
  • Giorgos Fidanas 02/03/2007 7:53

    Sweet...! Gorgeus body, silky skin, great face emotion. If you ever visit Greece, i would love to make some portraits of you.
  • Irina V 19/09/2006 20:46

    Thank you, Ray :))
  • Ray Steinberg 17/09/2006 2:42

    I think your beautiful legs, offset your closed eyes. ;-)

  • Irina V 14/09/2006 10:54

    Hi Ray,
    you see, I have chosen this picture, cause I was confused during shooting (even my face become a little bit red) and the blindly image has turned out: Constraining but the sexy girl. The open eyes (in my opinion) would give some experience to my image. Well, this picture adds savour to a situation and allows the spectator to think:-Who is it? Naked Innocence?

    Certainly, this my opinion. And what you think?
  • Ray Steinberg 23/08/2006 2:07

    Hi Irina,

    It's a beautiful pose, but try it with your eyes open.