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Ionut and Andreea

Ionut and Andreea

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Dragos Ludusan

Free Account, Cluj-Napoca

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  • Ionut Alupoaie 29/01/2007 22:33

    Reusita poza Dragos...emana tristete si suferinta
  • Anca T. 21/11/2006 14:24

    Good Foto....
    Ma doare sufletul pentru ei.
    Toate bune,Anca
  • Dirk Hofmann 21/11/2006 9:10

    thank you dragos ... i think this is important information ... when i wrote my comment i was serious in doubt because i had that certain feeling about them suffering a hardship ... but i didn't want to sound offensive ...

    i would like to see this important notes in the photo's describtion for further uploads ... it might add something to the impression the viewer has and answer some questions some of the visitors might not dare to ask ... :-)

    looking forward to see more of those ... good doku!
  • Dragos Ludusan 21/11/2006 8:33

    thanks for the comment..

    the photo was made in Tarlisua village, somewhere in Romania. It was taken one month after the bigest flood this year in Romania. The kids are from a family without the front wall of their house among other things..including their dog that the kids so loved. i used a Sony H1.

    if you need some more info.. i will be glad to share it with you
  • Dirk Hofmann 21/11/2006 5:45

    cute kids, but the photo makes me curious ...

    would like to get some more information regarding the shot ...