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  • Iolanda rodriguez 09/07/2012 17:59

  • aline64 12/03/2012 9:39

    une très belle lumière de fin de journée, très beau avec ce vol d'oiseau
  • Perry Blevins 23/02/2012 14:17

    Well taken and I like the exposure in the sky. The bird is an extra bonus. Well done.
  • Michèle FLEURY 23/02/2012 8:45

    Un magnifique ciel rougeoyant, plein de lueurs orange, où un oiseau vole vers d'autres mondes peut-être...Désir de liberté totale, d'élévation, de beauté aussi? Amitiés, Michèle
  • Gasser Lisbeth 17/02/2012 20:15

    Une MAGNIFIQUE photo, très belles couleurs !
    Amitiés, lisbeth
  • Pascal Viyer 17/02/2012 1:27

    terrific sunset with bird !
  • N i e d e r b a y e r 16/02/2012 19:44

    Gr KH
  • Vesela Maleeva 15/02/2012 12:29

    A cry for freedom. Loveliest work!
  • viola d 15/02/2012 6:51

    I just wish I could fly sometimes...
    Esp when looking at such pictures.
    Hugs, Viola
  • TeresaM 14/02/2012 21:16

    SUPERBE & fantastique vision.
    Une présentation et un regard qui me plaisent énormément, Iacob.
  • Claudio Micheli 14/02/2012 13:54

  • Domenico Cosenza 14/02/2012 8:52

    Molto bella!
  • Vera M. Shulga 13/02/2012 18:49

    Nice mood in this magnificent picture!
    Wonderful composition.
  • Stefan Andronache 13/02/2012 17:41

    Superba imagine.
    Atmosfera cvasi romantica.
    Te felicit pentru aceasta compozitie!
    Salutari, Stefan
  • s. sabine krause 13/02/2012 9:56

    a soaring bird – a traveller between the worlds and the epitome of freedom: it can soar in the sky, sensing the warmth of the sun, enjoying the breeze beneath its wings, feeling as light and carefree as one can possibly feel! we, sorry victims to gravity, envy him this lightness, the mobility, the freedom of choice: can't the bird can always land, whenever it needs to feel earthbound again? to land and feel the burden of gravity only makes him cherish his bird existence more, i bet! ; )) love how in your picture the bird appears to be travelling through a fiery world, about to "dive down" into the opening in the clouds – a wormhole into another world?! greetings, sabine. p.s.: the velvetey orange glow of the river is my favorite detail!