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Dinu Filipescu

Premium (Pro), Köln

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  • Arantxa Val. 31/07/2016 22:43

    Well represented all colors of the skin of humans, many of them indeed are pigs.
  • mihaela marcela 20/01/2016 21:58

    Good, how I like it!
  • silvanaW 25/02/2015 23:40

    Clever****.Very well seen again***
  • s. sabine krause 17/10/2014 9:39

    all animals are equal, i have heard, but some are more equal than others*… if one looks closely, he can detect the one or other napoleon among them among this sounder of pigs. and trust me, there's always more napoleons than old majors – ALWAYS! ; ) greetings, sabine.
    *if you haven't read george orwell's "animal farm" yet, go get a copy! it's a surprisingly timeless, modern and fun-to-read book:
  • paules 03/10/2014 22:07

    I see much money...LGP
  • Adele D. Oliver 03/10/2014 22:00

    there is always one who has to be different and dance out of line :-))) well spotted and a nicely composed image !!!
    greetings, Adele


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Camera DMC-FZ8
Lens ---
Aperture 2.8
Exposure time 1/50
Focus length 6.0 mm
ISO 100

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