Inside The Flower

Inside The Flower

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Jordan Bussell

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Inside The Flower


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  • Dave Donaldson 11/04/2007 11:47

    great colours
  • Britta Pieper 17/03/2007 9:02

    Wonderful colours and a very good backlight
  • Andrew Adams 04/03/2007 23:23

    Great job on this one! I like macro photos, good job keeping everything in focus, I have trouble with that sometimes.
    cheers : )
  • Michael Henderson 04/03/2007 22:37

    Nice use of backlight. Soft and gentle colors make this a very relaxing foto.

  • David L. Clark 04/03/2007 3:38

    Great shot and depth of field. You said you are shooting a D50. I also use a Nikon SLR and as with most it is good to shot 1/2 to full stop underexposed to avoid the burn out in the center of the flower. It's a really good shot. Thanks for sharing.