In The Year 2525...When Cities Burn…

In The Year 2525...When Cities Burn…

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Berthold Klammer

Premium (World), near Aachen

In The Year 2525...When Cities Burn…

The cityscape is a shot from the CN Tower Toronto from 2014 (see „Creation #26) I was trying several interesting backgrounds to combine with, when I suddenly saw this background giving a look like a "burning city". Put a 2nd blueish blur above...thats it.

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  • Dragomir Vukovic 20/08/2021 19:28

  • Adele D. Oliver 20/08/2021 2:26

    impressive work Berthold ...a somehow frightening
    view of what might happen with so much already
    on fire now !!!
    warm regards,
    • Berthold Klammer 20/08/2021 10:26

      Dear Adele, yes your impression was - at the end - my intention. As mentioned above it was by coincidence that the background I was trying suddenly turned out to look like fire. So then I thought that it would be a challenge to get this “climate change” message into an single image. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a green activist, but aware that the climate is changing, remembering the flooding here some weeks ago. best wishes


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Camera COOLPIX P7800
Lens ---
Aperture 8
Exposure time 1/40
Focus length 7.0 mm
ISO 80

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