In the eye of the beholder

In the eye of the beholder

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Marcial Franze

Free Account, Freiburg

In the eye of the beholder

Sigma APO MACRO 180mm 1:2.8, FP4 in Rodinal on TTVario Ultra, with EOS 300,
freehand, outside, dropshadow-bright sun, Water below reflecting the sunlight.

little brother

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  • Naz1 30/03/2005 17:08

    his eye holds your stare.
    it demands your attention.

    it's beautiful.
  • Amy White 03/03/2005 19:26

    love it - love it - love it
  • Marcial Franze 02/03/2005 17:03

    @Rob: you're absolutely right. I know this model well (he is one of my brothers). I really had a hard time doing this shot though, freehand, outside, and with an energetic small boy trying to hold still, which he of course didn't. I will upload a picture, that shows all of him soon.
    @Paul: an arduous thing to get this focus. This actually was my last picture on the roll and I couldn't experiment...

    thx for both of your comments on my very (second) upload.