In the afternoon sun

In the afternoon sun

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In the afternoon sun

I think the first step to be a good photographer is have ability to notice every details from surrounding environment, so when I pause my mind, I often try to observe people, light, evert little things, and I found it very interesting :- )

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  • Forrest Zhao 20/12/2015 9:20

    Hello Randyderzweite :- ) Nice to see you again!
    It's an ash tray actually...and glad to hear your critical comment.
    You're right, I think 4:3 will more suit the composition, It will make audience more easily to get concentrate.
    For the letter you wrote to me, I answered it very conscientious, hope you can see it :- )
  • Randyderzweite 19/12/2015 19:34

    Melting ice? What is it?
    May be I would cut off a litle bit on the right?!


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Camera NEX-7
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Aperture 4
Exposure time 1/2500
Focus length 70.0 mm
ISO 200