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Yev Glad

Free Account, Lueneburg

in Lüneburg

One of my first fotos with Holga. Totally excited about this camera!

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  • Visiones de vida. 06/12/2004 9:28

    Once again,...very impressive work..have you heard of the lensbabies..almost the same effect but you can move the effect around with the lens...
  • Yev Glad 19/11/2004 17:31

    no i haven't yet. But that's the next thing I'll do
  • Edinei Victorino 19/11/2004 12:29

    very nice texture and composition
  • Yev Glad 19/11/2004 8:41

    thanks. Well yes and no. I guess this is how the pictures from Holga come out. The lens is really cheap (f8/60mm), usually plastic, so thats why its kind of blury and darker at corners. I was pretty excited by results, and will definitely be experimenting with it some more.
  • John Holmes 18/11/2004 21:25

    nice texture and feel. is it intentional to get the non-straight lines on the building and roadway? as well as the dark angles in the bottom corners?