In Case of Emergency.......

In Case of Emergency.......

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Wayne Tsipouras

Premium (World), N.S.W.

In Case of Emergency.......

Duccio and Wayne.
Rescue with attitude!
In Case of Emergency......Who you gona Call :-)

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  • John Bullen 20/01/2006 0:02

    but on a serious note, I would not want to be in anyone elses hands. I know the dedication and training Wayne has committed to this service - at the end of the day, when things get rough, he and others like him are the professionals who get your arse out of the jam...keep up the good work.
  • John Bullen 20/01/2006 0:01

    Scary - very scary !!!
  • Kirin Paterson 26/12/2005 4:30

    *laughs* real nice tsip. good to know we're in such capable hands :)