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  • Kombizz Kashani 28/06/2007 16:39

    am I in moon?
    Am I awake?
    Am I dreaming?
    NO no way
    it is not POSSIBLE
    No, it is lie
    a BIG one !!!!

    Never seen a soldier offer a rose flower with love
    in this cool romantic way
    my bad experience (from the news) shows that they always give bullets to hungry children, give chemical substances to old parents,
    give destruction to mother earth
    without any resposibilities

    SO YES I am dreaming
    it couldn't be true

    If I was there I could HUG him and say I love you brother

    nice image in a pleasant dream in nano seconds of my life, at least !!!
  • aw masry 25/06/2007 16:26

    Really fun. He have multi character.
    Regards - aw masry
  • Krzysztof Miller 25/06/2007 14:18

    hehehe... good :)