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Hot Training Day

Hot Training Day

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E. Michael Schomberger

Free Account, Plymouth, Michigan

Hot Training Day

Firefighter during a "training" fire. This Firefighter pushes the collapsing wall back into the remains of the house assuring the fire doesn't spread.

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  • E. Michael Schomberger 11/08/2005 0:50

    Dianaq, thanks for the comment. For this one I was using a Minolta Maxxum 3xi with a 70-210 telephoto lens and 800 speed film. I was about 60 feet away and the heat was very uncomfortable at that distance. I was told by the "Captain" at about the time I took this picture their infrared sensor read the temp. at 930 degrees F. I came away with a new sense of awe for Firefighters.
  • Dianaq Emmons 10/08/2005 3:54

    Micheal this is really awesome. The colors almost look surreal. It's "hot" in every way. By the way what kind of cameras do you use?