Hommage to  a glorious  past   3

Hommage to a glorious past 3

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alexander stefanatos

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Hommage to a glorious past 3

ancient Yerash

Ancient city of Yerash
Yerash was a greek city in middle east region ( now in Jordan) highly developped during the Macedonian, Hellenistic and Roman times. Especially during the Hellenistic and Roman period thrived as a strong center of commerse between east and west earning the title of "Pompei of the East.
Today is one of the best preserved Greco-Roman cities in the east.

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  • Tassos Kitsakis 21/05/2021 13:51

    Grate and Thaumasio!
    Geia sou
  • de ceulaer 26/04/2021 11:22

    jerash is a pure wonder and your photo too !
  • Stropp 25/04/2021 14:26

    Great b&w of this wonderful place in a really wonderful country. I loved Jerash very much and the Jordans are lovely people. Warm regards. Ana
  • Ansgar Leuthner 25/04/2021 11:32

    ...these ruins show only one side of the past: the glorious one - the huts in which the people lived and suffered are long gone, nobody thinks of them.. Ciao, my friend! Have a nice sunday! Ansgar