Hilltop Council

Hilltop Council

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Wayne Tsipouras

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Hilltop Council

A quiet moment, Fellowship with friends,
Always a joy.
Jen, Kathleen & Sam.
All around us dark clouds gather...But here there is Sunshine for the Soul.
Welcome to New Zealand!

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  • Kathleen Meehan 18/03/2006 22:08

    Come clean all of you, you know it wasn't the involvement of elves that was the problem.It was the meerkats......
  • Wayne Tsipouras 18/03/2006 9:00

    @Katrin, You could always come back to NZ, ski and have sunshine at the same time :-)

    @Sam & Jennifer,...Re: the alleged involvement of Elves,.... I am SO not touching that one :-p

    -Wayne (who denies any knowledge of Elves...)
  • Jennifer Quinlin 18/03/2006 4:23

    There WERE Elves involved! They are now in therapy....
  • Sam Fitchett 18/03/2006 3:02

    I think Elves were involved.........in some obscure way!!!
  • Robert L. Roux 17/03/2006 5:51

    now that's the kind of office i'd love to have meetings in ...
    nearly-end-of-winter greetings from the northland - robert
  • Massimo Carolla 16/03/2006 19:34

    quiet moment, nicely shot, greetings from italy, massimo
  • Katrin Steiner 16/03/2006 12:29

    I want some sun, too! Winter is crap if you can´t go skiing!
    Hey sorry for not posting any comments for so long but for some reason your pictures didn´t appear on my german buddy-list-page anymore. I began to worry ;-) and went on the english version and there you were again.
    Greetings Kat