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Wayne Tsipouras

Premium (World), N.S.W.

High Road

Arthur's Pass.
New Zealand. South Island Feb. 2005

Arthur's Pass
Arthur's Pass
Wayne Tsipouras

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  • Max Sgarbi 20/05/2007 3:25

    A highway to heaven?? Fantastic and mystic scenery...nice picture, congratulations! Thanks for your comment.
  • Luigi Masini 03/08/2006 21:00

    Hi Wayne ,
    a lot interesting this image of the high road that enters in the fog.
    bye Luigi
  • Tina Haberkorn 11/06/2006 8:34

    This foggy weather is perfekt for the ghost tour in Port Arthur.....

    Good picture
  • Camil Mihaescu 20/01/2006 12:29

    nice atmosphere captured on this photo.
  • ewaldmario 04/01/2006 0:05

    fine mystic picture ...
  • Kenny Jazz 15/12/2005 14:50

    Somewhere very far from us - possibly in another reality. Bridge and foggy weather creating perfect atmosphere of mystical surround. I love this kind of places. Just trying to imaginate how it was before bridges time.
    You remind me my childhood when we were in mountains with a parents and once i almost get losted in much more terrible fog... Now there is inaccessible area...
  • Matthias Dresden 08/12/2005 21:28

    it looks cold and uncomfortable. but just the imagination of driving through new zealand's amazing scenery even makes this picture great
  • Robert L. Roux 06/12/2005 16:57

    A magic! bridge ...
    Holiday greetings from a little;) to the north
  • Katrin Steiner 06/12/2005 9:27

    I´ve been there, too. That was end of january and we had boiling hot weather...my car nearly "passed out" on the steep ascends.
    Amazing that you had this helluva weather just a few days later...
    Cheers, Kat