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  • Adele Oliver 25/05/2015 21:17

    trying to hide, but you captured him ... beautiful with the backlit leaves and their sharp details - and so bright the sun-star !!!
    good to see you back !!
    cheers, Adele
  • Ulfert k 25/05/2015 18:56

    Sie hat sich zwar vor Dir versteckt ,aber Du hast sie doch entdeckt und im Foto festgehalten.
    ulfert k
  • s. sabine krause 25/05/2015 18:49

    hi, there, little one! some might think the green stuff is a plant, but NO SIREE, not me! i know it's a spacecraft belonging to you, my little blue alien! experienced interstellar traveler that you are, you just recently landed on our blue planet earth after a long, trying trip from the sun – lucky you: your shuttle is 100% fireproof!! since you seem ready to deboard, i hope you are coming in peace, little lover of blue!

    ; )

    long time no see, anca! good to hear from you! hugs, sabine. p.s.: thanks to your image i now know who may be responsible for the spaced-out graffiti i captured last week… ; ))


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Camera DMC-TZ61
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Aperture 3.3
Exposure time 1/400
Focus length 4.3 mm
ISO 100