Having Dinner with Superman In Costa Rica

Having Dinner with Superman In Costa Rica

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Glenn Capers

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Having Dinner with Superman In Costa Rica

Its not that easy being a super hero, when all the countries you have served getting the bad guys can only think of all the taxes they are logging up to get you for flying over their air space, and landing to crush crime without immigration papers and a work permit. When the bill is paid all that one can afford is a piece of corn after performing at the local carnival to thrill kids that haven't even read a comic book.

Sometimes you just have to wonder whatever happen to the good old days. Has, "Up up anyway", once said by Superman, and his trusty narrator gone south, like the once famous Long Ranger's call," Hi O' Silver Away", which has gone to the happy hunting grounds with Ton-to into the vast Navajo realms of Ship Rock with two powder puff dot like smoke clouds in the sky.

Today we are no longer reminded that Superman is more powerful than a "Locomotor", which use to be a a stream line steam train engine, which also has been forgotten and found the train yard grave sight and was dismantled.

Superman will have to live in our minds as an App accruing game points for now. Well that's until we really need hime to stop the greenhouse problem of modern day rich people that don't pay taxes.

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