Hannah Gordon Rose

Hannah Gordon Rose

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Georgia Dunn

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Hannah Gordon Rose

This rose was in my back garden and is named after an actress called Hannah Gordon.

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  • Steve Ashforth 06/06/2010 21:01

    This is a nice shot, Georgia, very sharp and well composed. This flower (Hannah Gordon) always reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream for some reason! (I can't think why?!)
  • Holly H 06/06/2010 3:44

    Beautiful rose!!!!!!!!!
    Great shot!
    Holly :)
  • j.a.j.jansen m. 05/06/2010 19:06

    Nice contrasting colours, I like it.
  • Fons van Swaal 05/06/2010 18:55

    I think Hannah Gordan was a very nice person .......;-)))
    Having this rose named after her , she must have been beautiful.....;-))
    Nice shot Georgia.....