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Greetings from the highest point in Australia. Story as usual.

Greetings from the highest point in Australia. Story as usual.

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John Moore

Free Member, Karratha

Greetings from the highest point in Australia. Story as usual.

Hello all, we are now in Ravenshoe, far north Queensland.
We are spending a few days in one of the quaint pubs in town, which are built from wood as this is timber country.
This pub was built in 1911 if only it could talk.
There are two very large saw-mills here and it has always been a timber town.
Why even the majority of homes are built from timber.
Yesterday my Daughter Wendy took us down to Atherton for a ride, the streets have islands fill with many beautiful flowers, but unfortunately it is cold and raining here.
One thing can be said about being located at the highest point in Australia, up beyond the tablelands and bordering the rain forest, it is bloody cold and wet often!!
On the weekend we are moving out to Wendy’s property, I am dying to roam around looking for all the beautiful little creatures that live there.
From the platypus in the river, to the beautiful coloured moths attracted by the outdoor lights at night time.
On the 15th of September we will travel to Atherton, then to Cairns, where we will catch a plane to Brisbane, from Brisbane to Malaysia and then on to Bangkok.
A couple of days there with my mate Pete and his lady, then off to Phuket to meet up with a friend from FC.
Then to Udon-Thani for a while, next on to Chiang-Mai and on to Mae-Hong-Song to meet one of my good mates, living on the Mekong River.
I have several meetings around Thailand, which may turn out to be interesting.
Not much luck connecting to the net here, keep getting a busy line message.
I hopped out of bed at 4.30am to try and answer the comments, after ½ an hour of trying to connect I returned to bed and awoke at 9pm only to experience the same problem.
I discovered a Trojan in my laptop and have not been able to get rid of it.
Any advice from you out there would be appreciated.
My friends, I hope that you are all well and happy?
Best wishes from Ravenshoe.

Walkabout John.

Comments 25

  • David Bu. 21/09/2007 21:35

    Hello my friend

    unfortunately I'm not on holiday, I just need a time off of fc. I make myself scarce for a while, but don't worry, my comeback is guaranteed!

    Best wishes to you
  • Pascal Viyer 16/09/2007 20:38

    Many thanks, dear J., for that postcard and it's story !
    You speak about Phuket, and today here was an horrible crash. Sadness :-(
    bonne semaine :o)
  • Wilhelm H. 06/09/2007 0:38

    great and funny picture of the bottle-motel
    Regards Wilhelm
  • Rainer. Wagner 04/09/2007 20:29

    Drive-In Bottleshop ???
    Don't drink and drive !!! :-))
    Very interesting pic

  • Frank Cecconi 03/09/2007 14:19

    Fascinating stuff, John! This pub just speaks Australia;-)
  • JVision 01/09/2007 18:30

    Thank you for the beautiful greeting card Pompoi :-) Wow you have a very big schedule for the coming weeks. I hope you can get rid of the Trojan.
  • Claire Laira 01/09/2007 12:53

    Thanks for your greetings from 'The Timber Town of Ravenshoe'!
    Wasn't there in the 80's major battles between environmentalists and timber workers?
    Have a good trip to Thailand, John!
    I wish you a great time....best wishes,
  • Wolfgang Kölln 31/08/2007 18:09

    Thanks for your greetings, mate! I really do like bottleshops! ;-))).
    Your itinerary for the next time is just amazing; for what you will see in a couple of weeks, I'll need almost all of my life! But what do you mean by "the highest point in Australia"? Isn't that the top of Mt. Kosciusko in New South Wales?
    Cheers Wolfgang
  • Alexandra Baltog 31/08/2007 9:56

    hi...thanks for sharing...
  • Frechdax . 31/08/2007 9:36

    Interesting story, I hope, you have killed the Trojan ;-)))
    Thanks for the postcard!
    Wish you a nice weekend!
  • Aussie 30/08/2007 23:02

    Gday John.

    what happend to Queensland. Something wrong in logistics? Come on 38.99 AUD $ for VB. Thats not funny!!! How can you stand this?

    NW Aussie
  • Cees Kuijs 30/08/2007 20:47

    This must be your fav. motel, isn`t it ???
    Good to hear from you, John.
    Well, you`ve already some advice for the trojan hunt. Good luck with it.
    Greetings, Cees
  • CsomorLászló 30/08/2007 19:35

  • Lidschlag 30/08/2007 19:06

    Thanks for the Postcard.
    When it is still cold up there, I sen dyou warm greetings. Hope you get ride of that trojan.
  • ooO MinOuche Ooo 30/08/2007 17:42

    Hi John!

    I hope youll have more of those fine Impression and fun on yor journey!
    :-( ...trojan? I dont have any expirience with this ugly creatures!...I´m sorry!

    wish you a good time!
    lovely greetings from cold germany