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Golden Statue for Laos’ Secret War

Golden Statue for Laos’ Secret War

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Golden Statue for Laos’ Secret War

After Communism emerged victorious in 1975, a memorial was erected in the city of Vieng Xai, a Pathet Lao stronghold during the war. The patriotic group statue blends various sculptural traditions and iconographies to riveting effect.
The group contains the traditional Communist pairing of a female peasant and male worker, complete with the obligatory hammer and sickle. Yet here they are joined by a third figure of a soldier. While the peasant woman holds the popular Socialist Realist symbol of sheaves of corn, a shotgun is strapped to her back. The central figure brandishes a machine gun, while the grenades on the soldier’s belt increase the sense of menace.

The photo was captured in 2001 by a conventional Ektachrome 50 ASA slide film and scanned with a NIKON CoolScan 5000 ED.

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Camera Nikon COOLSCAN V ED
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