Going down for the next hunt.

Going down for the next hunt.

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Adrian Hu

Free Account, Boston

Going down for the next hunt.

The three buddies dive down again for the next hunt. This can go on the whole day (you need to feed a lot to get 30 tons weight)!

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  • Wuschali 02/08/2015 18:48

    Ohh wow beautiful picutres of this adorable animals :) we saw two of them in San Simeon, California 3 weeks ago swimming next to the pier. Its an amazing experience to see this animals so close.
    Regards Sandra
  • Carin St. 01/07/2010 18:02

    Adrian,ich muss mich nochmal wiederholen:
    Um diese grandiosen Fotos "beneide" ich Dich.
    Whale Watching wäre mein Traum.
    Ich hoffe, Du hast es genossen!