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Gogad Caravansary

Gogad Caravansary

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Gogad Caravansary

This image shows two of towers of Gogad Caravansary located in Mahallat in the province of Esfehun Nesfe Jahan.

A 'caravan' in Persian means a group of travelers or merchants banded together and organized for mutual assistance and defense while traveling through unsettled or hostile country. Caravan trade is associated with the history of Iran and the Middle East.
It is evident that all trade from one fertile area to another in this region had to be organized from the first, since long distances of desert trail separated settled parts and since local governments could not guarantee protection against tribes eager to loot and pillage. Such wares as jewels, spices, perfumes, dyes, metals, rare woods, ivory, oils, and textiles (chiefly silk) are associated with the trade. Camels were the main catties from Egypt and Iran to Mesopotamia and throughout the Arabian Peninsula. When you inquire the age of a caravansary in modern Iran, you are generally told that it dates from the time of Shah Abbas. This is a deceptive generalization and a term applied indiscriminately to all caravansaries built between the late 16th - 19th centuries AD.

At present this beautiful historical place is rented to a private Iranian car company. The car company manage this place by converting it to a hotel.

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